For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ (2 Cor. 5:10a)
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Monthly Archives: June 2016

WOW! Those in the UK and many abroad are still reeling in shock as the Leave campaign won the EU Referendum with 51.9% of the votes in a truly historic day. Finally, we can put the campaign circus that has dominated our media behind us as this has often been unseemly and embarrassing and has done much harm to British politics. Despite this, the public have spoken with 1,269,501 million more people voting for Brexit. The nation appears to be in shock (with an element of hysteria) as reaction and speculation dominate our news and social media!

We need to let the dust settle as things are changing quickly in… Continue reading

Back in January, we posted a blog containing some ‘prophetic’ words from David Noakes. David Noakes believes this message has come to him from God and it provides a severe warning for national apostasy and an urgent appeal to pull away for the European Union. This could not be more timely with this week’s remain/leave referendum on the EU. Whatever side of the fence you are on, the whole campaign has been marred by distortion, deception and scare-mongering. The campaigns have done nothing for the reputation of British politics as both camps have often resorted to unsavory smear tactics that will leave those who simply want to be informed… Continue reading

Dinosaurs are probably the most common tool used by evolutionists to demonstrate the long-age paradigm of the earth and to discredit the Biblical account of creation. They are a very powerful weapon due to the way dinosaurs captivate the minds of kids and adults alike – they are prominent in films, leisure parks and many other forms of entertainment. We would be very surprised to hear of any mainstream media that does not promote the idea the dinosaurs existed many hundreds of millions of years in the past before dying out 65 million years ago. You would imagine this is proven beyond any doubt given the deeply entrenched certainty that… Continue reading

We are deeply concerned that the Christian Institute have recently reported an increase in UK abortions which are up by more than 1,000 compared to last year. Disabled children are particular targets in a society that always seem to victimize the weakest for its worst treatment.

Given our concern about the rise in abortion in the UK, we are horrified at recent news that the Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives has called for an end to the 24-week cut-off and that abortion should be legalised up to birth. With the profession of midwifery being led by someone with views like this, we live in very bleak… Continue reading

At the beginning of May we went on a pilgrimage to Israel. This was our third time visiting the Holy Land and we pray for many more because it is such a special place. Not only is there so much Biblical history there but the stage is ready for numerous future Bible prophecies that will happen in an around Israel. Experiencing the land for yourself provides a completely new dimension when reading His Word and helps visualize places with extra context that brings the passages to life.

4 nights in Jerusalem staying at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, then 5 nights in Tiberias staying at the Ron Beach Hotel.… Continue reading

Don't wait until tomorrow!

What is life all about? We all have questions…sometimes too many! Can we know truth? Who can you trust? And the ultimate question – does God exist?

But there is clear evidence! Evidence that shows God does exist and that truth can be understood – click to read about this evidence!

What you do after knowing this is your choice! Watching this video would be a good start…

Is the world a peaceful place?

News reports are constantly telling us about wars, terrorism, disease,… Continue reading