For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ (2 Cor. 5:10a)
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Monthly Archives: July 2016

It is impossible to remain oblivious to the news over the last week or so as our TV screens are dominated by more turbulence – the world really is groaning and creaking in every sense and it is clear to us that the ‘birth-pangs’ described by Jesus as an indicator of the end-times are becoming greater in intensity and frequency. There are many countries that are currently experiencing turmoil and need our prayers, but there are some that will cause anyone interested in Biblical prophecy to sit up and take notice – one of these countries is Turkey.

Turkey is listed as a key player in Ezekiel’s prophetic vision of… Continue reading

After a very turbulent few weeks in British politics, our new Prime Minister is now in place and creating her cabinet. It is too early to comment on the impact Theresa May will have on the country, but she has clearly stated that proceeding with the Brexit will be one of the main focuses. It is an encouraging sign that she has already told European leaders that she is committed to the UK leaving the EU – this will be in the hands of the new Brexit secretary David Davis.

As we’ve previously blogged, we believe that distancing ourselves from the EU is something God wanted us to do as… Continue reading