For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ (2 Cor. 5:10a)
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We are living in very testing times, the world is rapidly changing as our post-Christian society gains traction. Instead of churches separating themselves from changes around us that compromise scripture they are choosing the opposite to be seen as modern and appealing. The stakes are massive here as relationships with God walk a tightrope for both churches and individuals. There is a serious need for each person to look themselves and their personal relationship with God to assess if changes need to be made.

The health of a church is largely down to the leader and the team they have around them. Ultimately, church leaders are called to shepherd the… Continue reading

If you look at culture within the UK, you could say there are two powerful forces that have been on the rise in the recent years that have great influence on life: the far-left and Islam. On paper, these two worldviews are so diametrically opposed to each other that it’s virtually impossible to find any common ground. However, in this blog, Dave Reagan points out that it is what they are both opposed to that is a more powerful force than what their differences are – both camps are so blinded by their ‘common hatred of Christianity’ (which is commonly mistaken for the far-right) that they overlook their incredible… Continue reading

Very few Western church leaders understand the Middle East as well as Canon Andrew White. Also known as the ‘vicar of Baghdad’, Andrew White has intimate knowledge of the difficulties of living for Jesus Christ in a majority Muslim region. Not only this, he has a unique understanding of the complexities of the Middle East peace process and the animosity towards the Jews from surrounding nations and the world at large.

We have blogged before on the flagrant bias against Israel demonstrated by many international ‘peacekeeping’ bodies such as the UN which do little to conceal their obsession against the only democracy in the Middle East – they appear to… Continue reading

The Bible believing Christian has many reasons to be confident in their faith – however, there is one that defies any rebuttal. This is the refusal of Christian converts to recant their faith and go to their deaths as a direct result of their testimony.

With the rise of ISIS, we have heard account of Christian’s enduring horrific executions for refusing to recant their faith in Jesus. History is littered with examples that began with earliest believers such as Stephen (see Acts 7) and have continued ever since. Perversely, these murders have often been carried out by the ‘church’ itself over the centuries. Ever since the resurrection and ascension… Continue reading

We often blog with dismay at the state of the denominational church in the UK and the alarming rate it compromises with virtually every ideological pressure exerted on it from society. Despite this, it hard to overstate what appears to be the systematic persecution of Patrick Sookhdeo and the Barnabas Fund by some within the church establishment and Christian charities. After a catalogue of trials and a smear campaign aimed at discrediting this convert from Islam, he has recently resigned from his work at Barnabas Fund despite faithfully devoting decades of service for this valuable work. The Barnabas Fund have released a written document defending him which outlines the situation… Continue reading

With so much dominating the headlines at present, other events are quietly slipping under the radar of the UK media. The situation in both Syria and Iraq is incredibly bleak at present and is now being made significantly worse by the Islamic Group ISIS. In some Iraqi cities, Christian homes (and the homes of others) are being literally marked for extermination or expropriation.

Over 700 Syrians were killed in a single 48 hour period last week and tens of thousands have lost their lives in recent months but there is no outcry to be heard. Yet, Israel responds to months and months of continual rocket fire and the world stands… Continue reading

As the turmoil in Syria continues there are sickening details emerging of targeted massacres of Christian communities. As we covered here with Egypt, it’s very rare that this context in provided by the media – Christian communities are literally being exterminated for no other reason than that they are Christian – Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria Ignored – Voice of the persecuted website.

One of the more disturbing angles of this is the largely apathetic reaction by Western Christian’s to this reality. Christians in many of these persecuted areas of the world are enduring an all out assault, and Western Christianity is largely unaware. This is obviously partly… Continue reading