For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ (2 Cor. 5:10a)
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We can all relate to suffering, mostly through our own personal difficult circumstances. Because the existence of suffering is so evident our world, every worldview seeks to provide a sufficient reason for its existence. If a worldview cannot explain suffering, the validity and truth of that worldview should be questioned. The easy conclusion to jump to is because suffering exists there cannot be a God – this clears our conscience of any personal accountability but can there be more to suffering and evil that we don’t realise?

To say that God can bring good from evil will cause many to mock the goodness of God. But equally, to think that… Continue reading

It’s been a while since we made a comment on topical end-time prophetic events – one of the reasons for this is that events are now so fast-moving, it’s almost impossible to keep up!

One area of Bible prophecy that continues to shape up directly in line with many end-time scenarios is the Middle East. Many prophetic passages (such as Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 12-14 and Psalm 83) indicate Israel will one day be left abandoned and exposed by the world whilst fiercely hostile surrounding nations will seize the opportunity for an all out frenzied attack with the intention of completely wiping them off the face of the earth. These… Continue reading

Don't wait until tomorrow!

What is life all about? We all have questions…sometimes too many! Can we know truth? Who can you trust? And the ultimate question – does God exist?

But there is clear evidence! Evidence that shows God does exist and that truth can be understood – click to read about this evidence!

What you do after knowing this is your choice! Watching this video would be a good start…

Is the world a peaceful place?

News reports are constantly telling us about wars, terrorism, disease,… Continue reading

In recent times, the UN has sunk to new depths in their demonization of Israel by passing two new resolutions – they are both so absurd, it’s difficult to know how to comment.

Two months ago, Israel was singled at for women’s rights violations. Surrounded by countries that have discriminatory laws that marginalize women and where ‘honor killings’ are common, the UN singled out Israel as top women’s right violator – no mention at all was made of the many other countries that have a deplorable record when it comes to women’s rights.

If that wasn’t enough, another UN resolution was passed last week that singled Israel out as… Continue reading

The most common objection to the loving God of the Bible is the existence of evil and suffering in all its forms – in fact, this is often a major problem for Christians too.

We believe this issue can largely be resolved when understanding who is presently controlling the world. Due to the rebellion of mankind, God withdrew from the world as He cannot be in the presence of evil due to His purity and justice. This does nothing to diminish God’s sovereignty – God can (and often does) reach into the world to intervene for His purposes and glory. He does this through an army of angels and through… Continue reading

As the atrocities that recently happened in Paris still very fresh in our minds it causes us to question why something like this can happen. Everyone’s worldview has to reason with this reality as there is no denying that evil was clearly present in Paris. However, this poses a particular problem for atheists whose worldview doesn’t have an objective moral standard!

Former French atheist, Guillaume Bignon, points this out in a Premier Christianity blog – French ex-atheist: only God can make sense of the evil in Paris. Guillaume makes many good points that we believe society in general are ignoring as we continue to shut the door to God.… Continue reading

Our TV screens have been deluged this last week with graphic reports and heartbreaking images of families attempting make European countries their home whilst leaving their homelands which are often places of conflict. This has left many trying to answer hard questions of how best to respond from a Christian perspective. Whilst attempting to avoid some of the emotional sensationalism that pervades much of the media we attempt to offer some observations:

  1. The Bible is absolutely clear that it is every Christian’s responsibility to welcome the homeless, poor and destitute. However, almost every instance where Jesus teaches this, it is to have a personal practical application – what we usually… Continue reading